About Us

Zaoq Restaurant is the latest addition to the culinary horizon of Doha, offering for the first time genuine Pakistani cuisine to those who appreciate elegance, refinement and good taste, hence the name ZAOQ.

We invite you to an entirely new dining experience which shall not only be a treat for your taste buds but a journey through the glorious heritage and culture of the sub-continent.

At Zaoq we offer a number of delectable curries, Clay oven baking, Tak-a-tak and charcoal Barbecue prepared right before your eyes; not only that each recipe can be moulded and prepared according to your taste and palate.

Located at the most prominent spot of Doha; Midmac Round About, the cross section of Salwa Road & Express Way, ZAOQ has plenty of parking space. To ensure further ease, please make reservations before coming, although walk-in customers are just as welcome! We have adequate arrangements to host parties, functions, corporate lunches/dinners & seminars.

Looking forward to your response, please feel free to give us feedback about your experience with ZAOQ. We aim to surpass your expectations!

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