About Us

A fine-dining Pakistani restaurant that caters to a multi-cultural palate – it was a novel idea 8 years back but with the inception of Zaoq restaurants it not only became a reality but we successfully made our presence felt in Doha, Qatar, where three branches of Zaoq are currently operating within the city. It was only natural for us to bring our success to our home-country, which resulted in the first Zaoq Restaurant in Karachi at Dolmen Mall, Clifton. A second one now follows at LuckyOne mall, serving our guests with the same passion and love for food and heritage.

Zaoq offers its diners an entirely new dining experience which is not only a treat for the tastebuds but a journey through the glorious heritage and culture of the subcontinent. Our cuisine originates from the lands of the Mighty Indus River and is a culinary amalgamation of great civilizations of the Persians, the Arabs, Indians and Aryans.

Our success story begins with our ingredients all of which are absolutely fresh including the produce, the meat and spices. The freshness is evident from the aroma and the delectable taste of our curries, bar-be-ques, rice dishes and freshly baked bread.

The dining experience at Zaoq is just as much about the ambiance as the food. Each one of our restaurants has been designed by experts to represent tradition and culture yet exude sophistication and class.

Here, at Zaoq we have discovered the basic ingredients to success; Dream big – nothing is impossible, Never compromise on quality and developing a caring, healthy relationship with all stakeholders.

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